In Fury Lies Mischief Review

Title: In Fury Lies Mischief

Author: Amo Jones

This is the second in the Midnight Mayhem series and they do need reading in order.

This is crazy, f*cked up, confusing dark romance written in the way only Amo Jones can. I have been a follower from the beginning and it is absolutely amazing to have been able to see the progression in this author to this point. She has found her style and her voice, and let me tell you, its bloody beautiful.

I’m a bit strange with series’. I find that I often like the second book more than the first. I dunno, maybe they have time to build more through the first book or theres less scene setting because so much has already been laid down. I dunno, anyway, I often find the second book is better than the first. But I knew, that Kill wasnt it for me.

Now, dont get me wrong, I love the writing and the story telling, this is one absolutely amazing ride that you will not want to get off! The Trickster is hot, like really really hot, and the chemistry is palpable. You can practically feel the sexual tension pouring from the pages as you read the story.

I don’t want to give away anything for those who haven’t read yet but there felt to be similarities with other stories and towards the end it got too wrapped up in itself. There were some tricky subjects handled with the usual Amo Jones flair and some beautiful still moments within the chaos.

All in all, a brilliantly done story that I iist didnt gel with completely.


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