Trust Review

Title: Trust

Author: Max Henry

This is a Twisted Hearts novella, you do need to read the Twisted Hearts duet before reading this.

I was really excited to join back in with Zeus and Belle but this one didn’t quite fill the void for me.

I am completely there with her on how frustrating being a new mum can be. How hard it must be to have all the money issues on top and losing the communication with your other half. What a nightmare.

But I dont feel like there was a resolution at the end of this book. Yes their connection was restored but what about Zeus and her dad? Did they get the studio set up and running in the end? What happened with pursuing his dream, did he work out what that was?

I mean, this totally has all the depth and emotion that I would expect from Max and it’s really well done. But I would have just liked more of a completed finish to it.


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