The Substitute Review

Title: The Substitute

Author: Micky Miller

This is a standalone Romance story, you don’t need to have read anything else before heading straight in.

Now, this is my first Micky Miller read. I know, ridiculous right. How have I not read anything by him before? I can tell you, I will be reading more of them!

What a great little number this one is. I really liked the combination of him being a sports star and the small town Romance all tied up in a school setting. Just perfect.

Personal preferance, I would have liked to have had more of Paytons side of things throughout, but then I do love a dual POV. I just think it gives a little more depth to the character. But you do get all the info by the end and everything falls in to place just perfectly!

There is so much more to that “friendship” between Eric and Payton than what is alluded to in the book. And I feel like the dad is way too harsh on him considering his reasons. But then, equally would he have been able to put those reasons aside when the moment came. Such a tricky one.

Maddy is the perfect girl next door, literally. She is kind and sweet, she thought about others before herself. But then he rubs her up the wrong way, or the right way maybe and now shes second guessing herself. She does some serious life reassessment throughout this book, but then don’t we all after a major breakup.

Payton is hot, and funny, he’s cheeky and charismatic. Hes everything the high school jock is supposed to be. But somewhere down the line he got a little broken, and the pieces of his heart never quite fit right after.

This was a great story and I’d definitely recommend it!


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