Buried Destiny Review

Title: Buried Destiny

Author: Anne Malcolm

This is the fourth book of the Vein chronicles series and they do need reading in order.

What an amazing culmination of events! I have loved this series from the start. Isla, the hot and sassy vampire takes a back seat in this book as we follow the events through Sophie’s eyes, ears and heart.

Now, that’s not to say that we don’t get more kick ass vampire action, and some time with the very hot and brooding Thorne, because we totally do. But this book, takes us literally from the grave up, down and round the houses.

There are lots of questions answered in this book, and a few more posed throughout. One thing that is certainly not missing is the chemistry, and the depth of emotion. For a mindless mutt Connell sure manages to get the emotions going.

I really liked that this isn’t *just* a romantic love story, this would be nothing without the friendship and support of family. The friends who became our family, that pull us back in to ourselves when we’re lost, that call us on our sh!t, that hold our hands as they ask the hard questions.

Its beautifully balanced and wonderfully written. I’m still hoping Dante gets a book somewhere down the line! Hold your hats because it’s about to get windy in Kansas, the wicked witch is back!


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