Reckless at Ralieigh High Review

Title: Reckless at Raleigh High

Author: Callie Hart

This is the third and final book in the Raleigh High series, you need to read Rebel of Raleigh High and Revenge at Raleigh High first as they follow straight on.

And OMG what a way to finish the series. I was really not sure where it was all going with Hawk and the Dreadnaughts, it felt like a bit of a tangent, but it all fits together seamlessly. I’m sure it’s not, I’m sure it took a crazy amount of work to tie everything up and get all the pieces in the right places at the right time. It just flows so beautifully that you wouldn’t know.

Alex, oh Alex. He has come so far from the boy pissing in the grave. He has changed so much and yet is still the cocky, determined, bad boy we love. This book is hard on him, he has watched Silver go through so much, he has picked her up time and again. Now she has to learn to live again, and so does he.

Strong and silent is who Silver has been to the world. Its not quite who she has been with Alex, she can open up to him and break and he will help her piece everything back together. But now she has to work out how life goes on from here. How her former friends fit in to that and how you change when life changes.

This book is full of big stuff, emotional stuff, angsty heartbreak stuff and it’s done in such a way that you can’t help but pour from page to page until you hit the very end.

This is the most fantastic finale to the series and its done so so so so well!


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