Battle Hearts Review

Title: Battle Hearts

Author: Nina Levine

This is part of the Storm MC series and while you dont need to read all the books, reading the two previous Reloaded stories would be useful.

Ah Winter and Birdie, how I missed them so. This love is real love. This love has stood the test of time, of trial and tribulation, time and again. But once you have fought yourself and for your love and you have her/him, what comes next?

I love this slip back in to a couple after the happily ever after and riding off in to the sunset. To see what’s really going on behind closed doors. I loved seeing into King and Lily again and his perfect asshole self causing chaos as per usual.

This book takes you back in to the MC in a big way, you are absolutely thrown in to the complete chaos that is Storm MC at the moment and everything that comes with that. And you need it.

The personal things that Winter and Birdie are going through are hard. They are deep and emotional and things that families round the world are going through right now. And it hits home. You need that break from it and to have such complicated stuff going on is really needed.

This was a tricky one for me. My friend contacted me about the content as a warning because of my history, but I went in open. Nina has a way with tricky subjects and I didn’t want to duck out without giving her the chance and I’m glad I didn’t. This is done beautifully, with enough breaks and info without going too far in. A delicate balance I’m sure.

I can see why Nina has poured so many hours in to this book and it absolutely shows. It’s not a subject that many authors delve in to, as far as I’m aware, but something that touches so many womens lives.

There were sections that felt a little single minded, this isnt the only option or the only way, but i can see why Birdie feels that way. I would have liked to have seen acknowledgement of that earlier on in the book, but I’m being really picky and that’s only because its close to my heart.

This was a great story, really well done. She smashed it out of the park, again.


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