Now Open Your Eyes Review

Title: Now Open Your Eyes

Author: Nicole Fiorina

This is the final book in this trilogy, you need to read Stay With Me and Even When I’m Gone before reading this one.

Oh I have been not so patiently waiting for this one for quite some time and wow what a rollercoaster.

I’m a bit of a mixed bag of emotions at the end of this trilogy and the end of this book and while there are lots of really great things about it there are a couple that didn’t quite hit it for me.

Let’s just start this by saying Ollie and Mia are amazing. I have loved them both from the very beginning and they are just as fierce and amazing now as they were then, although they have grown and changed quite considerably their essences remain true for me.

There were a few bits towards the end that didn’t feel to be resolved for me, it didn’t feel quite over. Like there was still more to come.

This was absolutely another amazing installment with all the feels but I felt a little lost at the end with a number of things that weren’t quite tied off. Perhaps there will be answers in Ethans story.


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