Take a Gamble on Love Review

Title: Take a Gamble on Love

Authors: RJ Truman & SK Clarke

New to me authors, and I’m not sure on this one. There were sections I really liked and sections I wasnt so keen on.

I really liked Tilly, she is fresh and relatable, she is just working with what shes got and getting on with her life. She is tackling life as a single mum with three children, working and getting by, with a douchey ex you cant complain about in front of the children.

Ryan is hot, he is really hot, and nerdy and geeky in all the right ways. He has some mad skills in the bedroom, or not bedroom, department and is absolutely smitten with her just where she is. Isn’t that the dream?

I would have loved to have seen this book in dual POV more and seen into his thoughts and feelings on meeting with the kids and choosing to take her to his parents. Why didn’t he tell her about the money and his past? He’s so happy snuggling up in her world he never thought about opening up to her too? I dunno, it feels a little disingenuous to me.

So its 60:40 for me, I loved Tilly, Ryan is hot but something just didn’t quite click for me.


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