Torn Review

Title: Torn

Author: Harper Phoenix

This is a new to me author and I just loved this cover 😍 I mean seriously, how gorgeous is that!

Okay so on to the book. There were a couple of niggly bits, things that were not to subtly mentioned that then happened, he had a freak out over not using protection in one section but had done so previously without cause for concern.

Now, Luke. Luke claims to be an asshole, he says it enough to himself, and yet, he is like the nicest guy! Okay, so he has a bit of a temper, but its directed well, hes a bit blunt, but then arent most guys. Hes kind, considerate (mostly), he loves his mum and he thinks a lot of others. Hes actually a pretty great guy!

Alissa is bag of nerves, bless her. The anxiety and agoraphobia is a nightmare, but ultimately it leads to good things. I thought Addie was a great addition but would have liked to have seen more of Alissa managing life without Addie or her process of coping on her own and I struggled a little with the timescales.

Overall it was a good story with good character development and I wanted to shout at them on more than one occasion, which is usually a good sign!


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