The Harder You Fall Review

Title: The Harder You Fall

Author: LA Cotton

This is the third of the Rixon Raiders story and you need to read The Trouble With You and The Game You Play before starting this one.

After what happened in The Game You Play I was so excited to see Ashers story and it absolutely lives up to everything I hoped for.

Sweet, soulful, determined Asher. After losing Flic and both of his best friends to relationships I get his dejection, his sadness. Not only being outside of an intimate relationship but also being outside of his, albeit dysfunctional, family unit too.

And then there’s Mya. Cool and calm, half of her heart has been left back home and half of her heart came with her. Shes here but is she here to stay, does she want to stay, can she let the walls down long enough to see that there are people here who care about her a great deal.

This was an amazing story, fantastically written, beautifully turned one way and then the other. It keeps you turning the pages and falling deeper and deeper in love with the characters.

A wonderful conclusion to the current Rixon Raiders.


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