Score Review

Title: Score

Author: Emma Louise

This is this first of the Flawed Love series and what a way to start.

This book has a little taste of it all. An epic miscommunication leads to heartbreak for both of them and words that can’t be taken back. A second chance romance, learning to love and trust again, forgiving yourself as well as the other person.

Second chance isn’t usually my bag, it’s a bit slow burny but this has plenty of romance and some amazing chemistry.

Kier is great once he gets his head out of his ass and I really loved his family. Would love to see what’s going on with TJ and Elliot! Hard to pick who I’d like to be the next book because they’re both gearing up to be great.

Like I say, second chance isnt really my thing but I loved the writing style and am looking forward to time to read the rest of these!


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