Loyal Love Review

Title: Loyal Love

Author: Max Henry

This is the fourth in the Arcadia High series, they need reading in order; Good Girls, Bad Boys, Rich Riot and then Loyal Love.

And I loved it. The character development throughout each of these books is fantastic! There are some amazing friendships and real moments within the book that take your breath away.

I am rallying behind these girls and ready to take on the world with them! These books take you right back to being 16 again, messing about with your mates and making mistakes, figuring it out together, loving, losing and learning.

This is so much more than a love story. This isnt just about Tuck and Lacey but Colt and Greer, Maggie and Beau, the girls, the guys. Friendships formed and friendships lost, miscommunication and acting in anger.

So much of who we are is forged in these teenage years and it’s incredible to see that life appear before your eyes. Maybe it’s because it’s over so many books rather than one or two or a standalone but you really start to bed in and get a feel for the characters and the life their trying to live.

Another amazing installment, looking forward to the potential finale!


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