Fleeting Moments Review

Title: Fleeting Moments

Author: Bella Jewel

I downloaded this a while ago in a sale and loved the cover! With a bit of a gap between books I had a scout through my kindle and this jumped out at me.

Nice story, I’ll definitely read some of her other books. This one didn’t quite hit the mark for me though. I like the story, I saw the twists in advance and the ending felt a little rushed. There was so much build up to the final act and then it didn’t seem to get a full resolution.

Single POV is always trickier for me. I do like a sneak peek into the mind of our hero, and it would have been soooooo good to see that here. But it was good, Lucy was great, I even wondered if she had lost it once or twice, what a different outcome that would have been!


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