Manhattan Review

Title: Manhatten

Author: Kandi Steiner

This is the third in the Becker brothers series. I guess you could read them as standalone but there are a couple of themes throughout, theyd be best read in order; On The Rocks, Neat and then this one.

Another fantastic installment in this series. Friends to lovers isnt usually my jam but this is so much more than just friends to lovers.

Last year was my dad 10 year anniversary and I totally get what they go through here. It’s done beautifully, not damning but with enough information to really convey the emotion. What a ride!

Mikey was great, he was awesome and awful, he is just a kid having to make big grown up decisions. But, hey, let’s not lose all hope here he is a Becker. Which means, hes also fun and flirty, hot and with the most amazing chemistry.

There are some really good moments between the two of them and we are led beautifully into the final story x


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