Rich Riot Review

Title: Rich Riot

Author: Max Henry

This is the third in the Arcadia high series, you need to read Good Girl and Bad Boys before reading this one as the story continues straight on.

I love how fluid this story is, how easily we can interchange from Riverbourne to Arcadia and the groups of people within.

Colt really comes in to his own in this story and it is fantastic to see a little more of Greer and some of the other secondary characters. But woah what on earth is going on and how long do I have to wait for the epic conclusion?

So many different things going on, not just in the two schools with their heriarchys, but also with the parents and then the theres Tuck and the other evolving relationships.

To me, this felt like a consolidation book. We are now firm in what happened at Riverbourne, what happened at Arcadia and where everyone stands. That is not to say that everything is wrapped up here. There are still lots of things we dont know and the conclusion is far from obvious.

This was another great installation in the series. The I love the characters and how they’re evolving and changing. Colt is back in favour and I can’t wait to see what hes got up his sleeve! Lacey is on the back foot, who will stand with her? What will happen?


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