In Peace Lies Havoc Review

Title: In Peace Lies Havoc

Author: Amo Jones

This is a standalone book.

Another great dark romantic suspense story from Amo Jones. Get ready to be dragged into the exciting world of Midnight Mayhem. Exciting, confusing, sexy as hell, this show has it all!

I love how she creates these worlds and the characters in them. As ever, we have some dark and mysterious super sexy bad boys attempting to run the world. And some unsuspecting confused girl whose being spun in the web, trying to catch and collate all the pieces together. Or maybe that’s just us as we go through the story haha

Dove is a hot mess. Every time I think shes getting it together something else comes along and throws it all off course. She takes everything in her stride, shes so internally strong, shes fantastic!

I love the Brothers! I think Killian is my favourite which feels a little unfair on King, our hero, but then it is what it is. King is dark and brooding, mysterious and dangerous. Everything you would expect from an Amo Jones hero/non-hero but I like the extra sparkle that comes with Kill.

Loved it 😍


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