Love You Now Review

Title: Love You Now

Author: M. Robinson

This is the second of a duet and you need to read Hated You Then first as this book follows straight on.

I dont know if there has just been a too big a gap between the books, maybe I needed a re read before I started but it didn’t have quite the same draw as Pierced Hearts.

It’s hard not to compare the two duets, not just because they link from one to the other but also because they are so similar in style. For me, Jackson and Harleys tale, in book one, took a back seat to Jackson and what went on in Pierced Hearts.

This book, however, was much more *their* story. It was great to see some more of Harley in this story and there are some fantastic moments from her! The bike thing, totally the Harley Jameson I have pictured in my minds eye. Very Creed and Mia. There are some amazing highs in this books, but as to be expected there are some definite lows too.

I found myself desperate to shout “just talk to him”, “open your mouth and tell her how you feel” repeatedly throughout this book. And the back and forth with timelines was quite confusing.

Luke and Creed were fantastic though, it was lovely to see that some things never change and the next generation are carrying on his legacy. How this plays out is one of very few ways that I can see Creed ever accepting a guy in his baby girls life.

So the crux of it for me is that I liked it


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