The Game You Play Review

Title: The Game You Play

Author: LA Cotton

This is book 2 of the Rixon Raiders series.

And it was fantastic. Jase was everything I could have dreamed of. He was harsh, he was cruel, he was tormenting and tormented, a heartbroken, beautiful man. Wow.

I loved Felicity. She was awesome. She knew what she was risking and what she was getting herself in to before she went there. She is strong and independent, but shes not lonely for it. Shes still finding her way through life and love and ready and willing to make mistakes and sacrifices. That takes some serious inner strength and I admire that.

Another bunch of awesome secondary characters, although Grady can do one. I’m looking forward to Asher (he has to be next right?), he has been such an amazing character in these first two books and it would be great to see more of him!

This was a complicated story that took its time getting to where it needed to be, there were lots of threads to it that all came together really well in their own time. Beutifully done and looking forward to book 3!


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