Burning Road Review

Title: Burning Road

Author: Skyla Madi

This is the first book in the Devil’s Cartel MC series.

And what a first book it is! This book is hot hot hot!

I don’t know, maybe it’s just because I’ve been drowning in high school bully romance books but that was so refreshing. An alpha Male who knows what he wants, why he wants it, and when we can, goes and gets it. Faithful, loyal, will go to the end of the world and beyond to protect her. The perfect VP!

Burning Road is low on info about the actual MC and what’s going on in there but as an opening gambit that makes perfect sense. I’m sure there will be more about that as the series progresses, you don’t wan’t to chuck too much info in there and lose the romance story hidden within, it’s a balance.

James Creed is a force to be reckoned with. He is fierce! There’s not a great deal about his history, or past, how and why he came to be in the MC. Why is he hanging back on women? Who hurt him? What are his motivations here? But his fascination and obsession is here in detail!

This book is very in the moment, what is happening now and what is coming next. You could take any one of the guys, or girls, next and it would feel right. Personally, I’d like Judge or Armi to be next!

Izzy was infatuated, and after their first meeting I can kind of see why! I love that we get to see so much of what’s going on in her mind, its like we get this sneak peek into everything! And while we get more of her background and history we are still in the moment with her figuring one move through to the next.

This book is super hot and their chemistry is off the charts! With an MC full of men this hot I can only imagine what will come next!


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