Hated You Then Review

Title: Hated You Then

Author: M Robinson

This is the first books of the Love Hurts duet and what a way to start it.

I love how this covers things we’ve already seen in the Pierced Hearts duet but from a different angle. The cross overs are done beautifully, synchronised but unique.

I knew Jackson was going to be something else. It’s very similar in style to the Pierced Hearts duet, and again with the break at a pivotal moment. I guess it wouldn’t be a duet without an amazing ending like that!

Wow, just wow, Jackson will take you there and back, round the houses and over the hills. This is a real story that takes you through every emotion, there’s love and loss, the epic highs and the emotional lows. For such a young guy hes certainly been through plenty!

I loved being back in the home with Mia and Creed, it would have been nice to have seen some of the things going on with Harley as well as those with Jackson. What is her dynamic with Cash? I mean we know what Jackson thinks, but what is really going on there for her. She obviously has a life happening and things going on but we don’t get to see a great deal of that behind the scenes info from her point of view.

I love the push pull dynamic and enemies to lovers is totally my bag, even if this is more frenemies to friends, sort of, kind of not, so really still just frenemies at this point. Hmm that didn’t really work out right, but I’m sure it’ll be perfect once we get to the end of book 2!

I can’t wait to see where this goes and what is in store ❤


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