War of Hearts Review

Title: War of Hearts

Author: Nina Levine

I don’t know if this counts as standalone or the first in this section or if you need to read all the other ones or what but I’ve read them all so I’m up to speed.

What an amazing piece of work. I know Nina has taken some time to get this book where she wanted and it was absolutely worth it.

I’m not sure there is any other way that story could work. There was more than one moment I thought we weren’t going to make it and there wouldn’t be a happy ever after. I had faith and we got there but I can see why these characters have given her so much trouble.

I mean King is King. He is stubborn and hard headed, he is fierce and loyal and crazy, let’s not forget that. No-one in their right mind would chose to put themselves between him and something he loves. And if they did find themselves there, they better hope and pray to the Gods hes in a good mood.

Fury is, well, Fury is tricky. Hes hot, there was never going to be any question of that, he’s loyal and holds a Darkness that reminds me of King. It’s no surprise that they butt heads here.

This book is amazingly well done. I honestly don’t see how there could have been a HEA any other way. The story had to go this way to get everyone out of the other side in one piece. Another fantastic job!


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