The Trouble With You Review

Title: The Trouble with You

Author: LA Cotton

Loved this. I’m ashamed to say that this is my first book from LA Cotton, but what a book to start with!

I’ve never been a big sports fan, so I wasnt really sure how I would get on with a sports romance but I’m totally converted!

I love an enemies to lovers and this ticked all the boxes! I cant wait to see what comes in the next book!

Hailee was awesome. She is sassy and quirky, shes so strong and independent, but I love that doesnt make her a loner. Flick is the perfect side kick and there’s no resting on your laurels or getting away with stuff while shes on the case.

Jase, Asher and Cameron are a right trio lol they compliment each other so perfectly, even when they dont. They’re fantastic, and awful, and everything in between. I loved the way the guys came together and the life and love lessons within their group.

An awesome read. Now waiting for the next installment!


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