Blue Waters Review

Title: Blue Waters

Author: India R Adams

This is my first read from this author. I follow her cover designer and really liked the covers for this series, when I finally got chance to read one of then I snook it in.

My hubby very graciously let me ignore him for another evening while I devoured the pages from this book in one go. From the Preface to The End this story captivated my imagination.

I couldn’t figure Whit out, this young crazy girl, who had it all but at the same time didn’t. We go straight in with lots of characters which was a bit confusing at first but just adds to the build up in her crazy life. You could practically feel the tide before the fall and the whole world came crashing down.

Link was fantastic, I loved how his character changed and the twists and turns this story took us on. Crash was equally heartbreaking and beautiful. Two fantastic lead males in this book with such an emotional ending, it left me speechless.

It was beautifully done, 4 and a half stars from me!


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