Wreck my World Review

Title: Wreck my World

Author: Victoria Ashley

For me, this one wasn’t quite there, it might be because I was broken off a lot but it felt to take a long time to get going but once we were there the pace was good.

I think it needed more emotion, more feeling, more explanation of the connection and how/why that changed. Her sister wasnt just “gone” she was “ripped away from her, leaving a chasm so vast she would never be whole again”.

Dakota was a feisty firy little thing, it was pretty clear what had happened to her sister after the park walk memory. I liked the way the story was written between the present and the past, although it felt like we went over everything a lot; past and then now, with her and then him, so there were parts that felt a little repetitive.

Easton was a little soft for my tastes; hes not letting her run any more, until he is, hes not letting her hide from their past anymore, oh, until he is. I liked him standing up for her, I liked the jealousy but I didn’t agree with a lot of his decisions and he just seemed not alpha enough for me.

The connection when they were together was great and the sex scenes were steamy. I’d read this author again but this one wasnt for me, 3 and a half stars


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