On The Rocks Review

Title: On The Rocks

Author: Kandi Steiner

Kandi is a new to me author, recommended by some friends. I’ve had a run of fairly deep, emotional, angsty and dark reads so to have something a little lighter, a little more contemporary was nice.

I thought the story telling was great and there are some beautiful moments in this book, slow burn isn’t my thing.

Noah is absolutely swoon worthy, he’s hot, he’s rugged and works with his hands. He’s way more of a gentleman than I was expecting lol I really liked his cheeky nature too!

Ruby Grace is what I would think of as a typical southern belle, but then I’m not American so it might just be a stereotype 🤔 Either way, she’s sweet and kind, generous and helpful, shes just a young girl figuring out her place in life.

This was a really sweet book, the story was great, the characters were engaging, a four star read for me 🙂


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