Merry Christmas!

Things have slowed down here on the blog a lot throughout this year.

I’ve spent time writing my own books, or starting to, I’ve had some readers block and burn out issues too. Oh and of course in and amongst this I had a baby ๐Ÿ˜‚

There have been some amazing books this year and as I begin to look back over my highlights it’s no wonder I’ve ended up with burn out. So many of the amazing books have been hard won emotional battles and dark reads, and that does take it toll eventually, as much as I love it.

It’s certainly set the standard very high, that’s for sure! At the complete other end of the scale some of my top reads have been rom-com books. Which is a new thing for me, but these light happy funny books keep me going.

I’m losing my love for anything middle of the road, I want to be all in. It needs to rock my world or it’s not going to get that 5 stars going forward!

The other thing that’s been kicking my ass is getting this reader event set up and going! The authors are all so excited about the idea but the readers don’t seem to be coming, hopefully it’s just an exposure thing and it will just take time.


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