O Come all Ye Sinners Review

Title: O Come All Ye Sinners anthology

Author: various

Hellraisers Reckoning by Amo Jones

A gathering of the best and brightest across three series of her books there are snippets in here frim some of my favourite Amo characters.

A smidge from Miles (Yep, he’s still mine), Ade and the Sinful Souls, Phoebe and the twins. This literally had me laughing out loud in my living room, despite the sadness, there’s some hilarious moments.

Looking forward to the next instalment, will definitely look to do a ‘re read!

Hollow Heart by Anne Malcolm

I loved this little story! I haven’t read any of the Sons of Templar books but you really don’t need to. I might go back and read them at some point because the guys seem really awesome!

This certainly has a dramatic starting point, one that grabs you and keeps the pages turning! It’s a fantastic addition to the authors repertoire and has her clear and consistent flow and style.

I love the super alpha hero and the non heroine that doesn’t need saving. Sometimes you just have to save yourself. That’s not to say that having someone to come home to doesn’t make a difference.

It’s not exactly a fun and flirty story, there’s lots of death and ghosts in the closet, but it is perfect for these characters and it’s done really well!


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