Unleashed Review

Title: Unleashed

Author: LA Fiore and Anthony Dwayne

I really liked the characters in this book. Rutledge is distant, brash and fiercely protective, he has a heart of gold but has been hurt and let down badly in the past.

Peyton is light and easy going, a random drunk act changes her destiny but she’s happy to roll with the punches. She has an appetite to match mine and she’s definitely my kinda girl.

The story twists and turns, it’s intriguing and keeps the pages turning. I love old buildings so her desire to renovate really struck a cord with me, I really enjoyed her passion and attention to detail.

I completely get why Rut struggled so much letting go of his past; good and bad, and the process he goes through are real and well put together.

I struggled a bit with the ending. Personally, I think the last twist is just too far and I don’t think it adds a lot to the story. I liked it better without, but that’s just me and it clearly fits what the authors had in mind.

That being said this is a great book; solid story, fantastic characters, some seriously hot chemistry and amazing sex scenes. I’m talking red hot hot hot sex scenes, and lots of it! Definately a thumbs up and a recommendation from me.


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