One More Night Review

Title: One More Night

Author: Max Henry

This is the first in a group of standalone contemporary mini stories by Max Henry.

This certainly is called a RED HOT READ for a reason! It is not the deep, dark, gritty words that I’m used to from Max Henry but it certainly has her usual hot chemistry and hang on to your panties sex scenes. I mean, seriously, I needed a smoke after just reading it 🤣

Corinne and Jordan are fantastic. His hot alpha ass exudes confidence and swagger and the beigeness of her life calls out for the crazy life he lives.

There is a lot of build up for him bringing her into his world, tests she needs to pass and the hush hush nature of his work only for him to let her in and explain all at the drop of a hat. But then sometimes love is a little like that.

This could have quite easily become a full length novel if she had wanted but I like it’s more quirky nature. It’s taking life a little easy and flying by the seat of its pants, just like Corrine!


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