Too Good Girl Review

Title: Too Good Girl

Author: Eleanor Lloyd-Jones

Okay, I’m just going to put this out there, I didn’t like it. I started and stopped this a few times before I managed to get all the way through but this one wasn’t for me.

This is absolutely not my experience of grief, and I’ve experienced a lot of it unfortunately. Maybe that tainted the reading experience for this one.

I found Syrah to be really wet. There’s no rationale or explanation for finding herself homeless at 16, there’s no rhyme or reason for the guilt she carried from her father’s death and she goes down the rabbit hole despite what happened with her dad, and her mum.

Jack finally pulled his socks up and grew a pair somewhere around 2/3rd of the way into the book. I loved his viewpoint and the bigger picture he was able to shed over the story, it helped to put a few things into perspective. But I like my men more alpha than this.

That being said, the writing is smooth and the story well paced. I’d definately try this author again as it might just be a touchy subject for me.


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