Third Strike Review

Title: Third Strike

Author: BJ Harvey

This is the third book in the chances series.

There has been so much build up to Drew and the early reviews have been amazing! He certainly is swoon worthy … sometimes.

For me, he didn’t quite do it. I get the plight, I really do, but it’s like come on mate sort it out. True love never dies and all that, sometimes it’s the timing that’s not right. Bare with it, it’s worth it in the end but it took me a bit.

Perhaps it’s the tail end of this book funk, the end of year quiet down or the fact that the children are ill and I didn’t get to sit and devour the entire book in one go. I definitely needed a break or two, there’s some serious emotional moments in there, but I’m definitely still Millens girl.

It’s no secret that One Shot was one of my best reads of 2017 and the cross overs are done beautifully. They hint at what’s happened in previous books with enough detail to inform the scene but not to de-rail it into unnecessary retelling.

So, it’s not my fave of the series but it’s still a good book. It’s well written and emotional, there’s drama, chemistry and some serious heat. A solid four stars from me!


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