Behind The Books

Well, I’m finally getting round to explaining what’s going on!

I had a fantastic time at my first ever book signing last year, but I came away with a sense of something missing. I went to the VIP session so there were only 100 of us and I just about made it round 20 authors but barely got a chance to speak to anyone.

I thought, there must be another way. A way that I can connect with the authors. That I can say this is my favourite book and I loved it, this is why, this is how it moved me, this is how in some small way you have affected my life and thank you.

I love my signed books! All the swag and the experience! I have, in writing, from one of the authors that started this journey, that my husband is hot. I mean, I already knew that, but it’s nice to have it from someone else too lol

But I’m greedy, I want more. I want more than a hi, thank you, smile for the photo and move on. So I set out to look for it. But I couldn’t find it. The signings were bigger, more authors, more people, less opportunity.

As I blogger I’m lucky that I have some great relationships with authors. So I asked them, would they be interested in a more intimate gathering? And you know what, they would! They want to sit and talk books and characters and life and love just like I did!

So, I did it. I did an interest form, I asked people to come and I arranged a group. In October 2019 I will be hosting a reader event where people will have chance to connect with the authors Behind the Books.

I’m still working out how the day will go, but I’ve got authors and I’ve got a venue and hopefully soon we will have sone readers ready and willing to come and join us go a bit deeper!


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