Misadventures with a speed demon review

Title: Misadventures With A Speed Demon

Author: Chelle Bliss

What a fun and fabulous story! Like your men charming, talented and sexy? Your women to be independent, fearless and hot as hell? Then this is the book for you!

Brooks Carter comes from the scum of the earth, builds his own way up in life and finally has everything he’s ever dreamed of, or so he thinks. Faith Ridley was offered the world on a silver platter but she chose to take it on alone and avoid the high flying adrenaline junkie racer boys.

But surely it’s okay to dip in the company ink, just once won’t hurt right?

Fast paced, fun and flirty this book has everything you need for a good read. Would be just as good on the bus to work as it would be laid on a sun lounger with a cocktail (although I know which I’d prefer 😉 ).


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