Cooper Bennett and the Devil’s Ire Review

Title: Cooper Bennett and the Devil’s Ire

Author: Golden Czermak

This is the second book in the Cooper Bennett series.

I loved book one and was really excited when a second book was announced to see what would happen after the drastic ending!

Cooper was as awesome as ever, the transformations through this book are great! The existing character developments and new characters that are introduced are all very well done, there are lots of ties in with The Journeymen series as well. And although the two tie, you don’t need to have read that series for this to make sense, there also isn’t a massive amount of information or explanation about that series either, certainly no spoilers, and the cross over is done beautifully!

You do need to read the descriptions at the start of the book. There are lots of characters with crazy names, titles and descriptions so it helps to go in with these at the fore. I did find it got a bit confusing in the thick of the excitement to remember quite who was who and where everyone fit in the big picture so it’s definitely worth a read.

This is another action packed adventure with a magical theme. It’s beautifully written and the cover is gorgeous!


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