The Broken Puppet

Title: The Broken Puppet

Author: Amo Jones

This is Book two of The Elite Kings Club Series, find my review for book one here;

1 –

I’d say she must have one hell of a plot book, because where on earth do you start with THAT. But then I know she doesn’t plot Jack and just writes by the seat of her pants – wow!

I love the character development throughout the second book. Bishop is starting to come into his own as we see a little more into his psyche, still his ‘to be feared’ large and in charge self but with a little humanization here and there.

Nate, as ever, is Nate. Fun and loveable he is a fantastic second in command. We see a little of the rest of the Kings, they’re always about but mostly this book focuses on Brantley, Nate and Bishop. 

Brantley is still a bit of an enigma. He is frightening and dangerous, but not in a Bishop kind of a way. Fun and flirtatious, but not in a Nate kind of a way. A force all into himself. And we find out why!

There are lots of questions answered in this book, and plenty more conjured up on the way. Honestly, for everything that’s fallen in to place something else has fallen out. 

But this is a fantastically twisty turning tale and I’m looking forward to seeing where all the pieces fall at the end of the next book.


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