Misguided Review

Title: Misguided

Author: Max Henry

This is book 5 of The Fallen Aces MC series, read my other reviews here:

1 –

What a fantastic instalment! This is just the right pace, a slight side step from the recent craziness. 

What could the recently returned club princess and the resident man whore really have in common? Well, other than the obvious. Let’s be fair, after 14 months of solitary confinement he must be looking pretty amazing!

This is another great story of finding yourself and finding your place in this world. Of learning and making the most of your strengths, whatever they may be. That things can never be as bad as you think, with your family behind you. 

I really loved how intuitive Dog is and:

“perfect in your imperfections” 

is just the most perfect line ever! He’s hot, funny, sensitive, a bit of a bad boy and a heartbreaker. He’s got a bit of everything for everyone, one of the ‘prettier’ boys of the series.
He certainly gets a run for his money from the lost princess.  She’s turned him down once before and isn’t afraid of doing so again! 

There’s heartbreak and hilarity throughout. Another great job and I am looking forward to the next instalment!


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