Seven Review 

Title: Seven

Author: KD Robichaux 

This can be read as a standalone or following the Confessions Duet, you can find the review for these here;

1 –

Well, for anyone who has read the Confessions; this is a bit lighter.

As a woman who spends an amount of time reading in the bath, rather than watching films and tv shows, I was worried some of this was gonna go straight over my head. Luckily for me Twyla is as clueless as I am all is explained in good time!

When your sister is in an abusive relationship and the authorities won’t do anything, what is to do? You run off in the middle of the night to the middle of nowhere and hope you find a job. Obviously!

When she doesn’t quite fall on her feet, she ends up working in a job, completely out of her depths. But when the Sexy as Sin Seth Owens offers to help, how could you say no?

Fun, flirty, with the odd serious bit, this was a great little read and a definate recommendation from me 😍


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