Edge of Brotherhood Review

Title: Edge of Brotherhood

Author: Molly E Lee

This is book 6 in the Love on the Edge Series, read my other reviews here;

Okay so I started this book this morning, and finished it, well now. 

I absolutely loved the writing style and going through the story from for different perspectives was fantastic! Not nearly as confusing as I thought it would be, it helped to keep the pace and the story light rather than deep and intense.  

There were definitely a few moments that could have taken this book down a darker path had the writing style been different. 

A fantastic read, a compelling story. A journey of family, without the blood ties. Men that have fought hard for their women as we already know, learning how to trust outside of that relationship. Thrown into one of the most dangerous places on the planet with the hope of survival. 

Another amazing adventure story, a fantastic finish and great lead into the next book. It has been a while since I have devoured a book with such ease and without a crazy book hangover. 

Can’t wait to see what comes next!


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