Existential Review

Title: Existential

Author: Max Henry

This is book four of the Fallen Aces MC series, see my other reviews:

Okay so I’ve given myself 24 hours to try and find some words about this book and I’m still completely speechless. 

I absolutely loved Hooch! I knew from the snippets of him we’ve seen in previous books that his story would be amazing!

Oh, he is so beautifully broken. He’s not twisted like Sawyer, but who is or could be, he’s broken, grieving. I know from pretty early on that this was gonna be an emotional mess, and it was, in the best way. 

Another tricky back story and difficult subject matter handled so elegantly, with tact and decorum.  If you can say that about MC life lol

Max really knows how to tell a story and there is so much happening in this book. Not just the emotional onslaught but absolutely action packed too!

This is a fantastic story of love. Love isn’t just handed to us on a silver platter, we’ve got to earn it and we’ve got to make it work. One of my favourite sayings is that nothing worth doing is easy. And Hooch and Dagne sure as hell ain’t got life easy!

“We’ve got the pieces, babe. We just need to figure out how they all work together.”

I’ve loved all of Maxs’ books and this is no different. I particularly like the end of the acknowledgements, strange I know. That the final piece of the book I get to read is about her and her life, a little slip of the author as a person behind the book is really lovely and a perfect ending!


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