The Chosen Review

Title: The Chosen

Author: JR Ward

This is book 16 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, see my other reviews here;

Another fantastic story in this series! I Have no idea how the author can manage to continue this story and find new things to write about – but she does! And blows it out of the water every time!

What a journey of self discovery this book becomes.  Not only for Layla and Qhuinn but Tohr, V, Xcor and Wrath. Well, to be honest, pretty much every one of the characters involved are put through the wringer. 
This is a really emotionally tumultuous book which keep’s the pages turning. Just when I thought I had an idea of how and where it was going something else cropped up and changed the whole direction. Ann’s this wasn’t just a one off thing, but happened repeatedly throughout the book. 

I love the character development throughout the series and the snippets we get back in with other couples is great. 

I really can’t say much without giving the whole thing away but it was fantastic! Everyone should read it!


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