Unlawful Desire Review 

Title: Unlawful Desire

Author: Chelle Bliss

This is book two of the ALFA PI series, see the review for book one here:

1 –Sinful Intent

Okay where to start?

Frisco is your typical bloke, he works, he drinks, he is enjoying his life. He has recently split up with his long term girlfriend and is hurting, certainly not looking for love!

Similarly Georgia has just come out of a long term relationship too! When Suzy Sunshine decides they might be able to perk each other up for a while things get hot and heavy fast!

Neither of them are looking for love but after an awful car accident both their lives are changed forever. Will they be able to let down their walls and move forward with their lives? Will another betrayal be the end of their barely established relationship?



Screw relationships.

My motto: Hit it and quit it.

Simple worked. Feelings weren’t on the line, hearts weren’t able to be broken, and I could keep my life simple.

My friends told me to move on and find the “one,” but I wasn’t ready to love again.

Until I met her.

A dirty-mouthed temptress with a killer body that had me questioning everything.

I knew I could ruin her forever, but not without losing myself.

I wouldn’t do it..

But Georgia Phillips was innocent, pure, and total perfection.

I wouldn’t be the one to strip her bare and break her heart.

I swore I’d never call another woman mine, but that was before I almost lost her…

Warning: If you can’t handle a cocky bad boy or a badass chick with a dirty mouth, this might not be the book for you.



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