Tormented Review

Title: Tormented

Author: Max Henry

I flipping loved it – I don’t even know where to start!

I have been looking forward to seeing where Sawyer ends up since the last book – not so patiently waiting for more. It delivers ! It’s more than I could ever dream of for him!

Nobody is perfect. I don’t think I personally know anyone quite as unstable as Sawyer, but none of us are perfect. This book is the imperfect finding the imperfect and encapsulated in this quote:

“I want your jagged edges to match mine”

Isn’t that what we all want? To meet that one that completes us? That makes us whole. It’s a bit more complicated for Sawyer with his devil … he’s unpredictable and unstable. How much did his time with Dana really affect who he is and will those changes stick?

So far Abbey has been a peripheral character but what we have seen so far is that she has been through some awful things, she is strong enough to keep plowing through but has plenty of triggers. There are very few people who know of her true past and nobody who knows the full story. When she sees how Sawyer can be crazy and still accepted, she wants to know how! She is crazy yet marginalised from the rest, how can she tame the beast within and disappear into the real world unnoticed?

Well I think it’s safe to say she can’t! Unsurprisingly this is an emotionally and mentally turbulent story taking you through some fairly epic moments.

I loved this one, it really captured the essence of this story for me. Again, isn’t this what we often too scared to admit ourselves ?

“Maybe I wanted to know that who I am, all the fucked up and unbalanced parts of me, didn’t bother somebody for a change. Ever think that? Ever cross your mind that for once, I might have seen the motherfuckin’ possibility that someone would love me for who I am, goddamn insanity and all?”

Another amazing job from Max Henry ! Completely worth the wait, back to waiting for the next installment x

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Sometimes I feel as though I was a glitch in life’s major plan, that I never had a place set aside for me in this world.
I’m an outcast by design. Bent in the head after childhood trauma, and never quite sure who I’m going to be day to day.
The nice guy?
The psychotic asshole?
Or some happy medium of the two?
People stay away for fear of what I can do, and I don’t blame them. After all, I have no conscience, no remorse, and no guilt for the horrific things I’ve done; the reasons why I’m the Fallen Aces MC’s best asset when it comes to retribution and punishment.
I deliver, without hesitation, and without doubt.
Until Abbey. One kiss, one taste, and I question everything.
Is this right?
Can I change?
What can I offer her?
She’s wild, unsociable, and guards her heart with the tenacity of a lioness.
I want to tame her. Break her spirit and make her mine.
I want to ruin her.
The very reasons why she has to go.



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