Sinful Intent Review

Title: Sinful Intent

Author: Chelle Bliss

This is book one of the ALFA PI series.

When Thomas and James decided to start their own PI service they didn’t expect to get this much business ! Fairly soon after opening they are having to turn customers away as they don’t have enough time to take on everything themselves.

So when one of Thomas’ cousins comes out of the army and is at a lose end, they snap at the opportunity to increase their staffing with a different speciality.

Morgan DeLuca never picked this life, it was all something he sort of fell into. The Army changed who he was and now he’s out, he’s not sure where he fits into the world and what he wants from it. After a short time with his cousins who are all loved up and familied out, someone to keep his bed warm could be a good place to start.
After a rubbish time at school Race pushed herself through college and on to bigger and better things. Her daddy was never going to see her succeed but she was determined he would be proud, God rest his soul. When a moment of weakness in here college years is being exploited she goes to ALFA PI looking for help. She gets more than she bargained for!

A fabulous story with relate able characters and enough action to keep you engrossed and turning the pages!


Someone was after her and it was my duty to stop them.

Never cross the line. That had always been my rule. But that was before Race True.

The moment I saw her, I wanted her. But there was a problem. She wasn’t just another pretty face–no, she was my first client at ALFA PI. My take-what-I-want attitude shouldn’t include her, but how the hell can I be expected to keep my hands off?

The danger that followed her had my protective instincts in overdrive. And as the clock ticked down, the choice was laid out before me: save her career or risk everything and have her in my bed. Could I put aside my wants for her needs? Or would my selfishness destroy everything in the process?

Warning: If you can’t handle a dirty-mouthed bad boy or a tough woman with an attitude, this might not be the book for you.



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