Ink & Bone Review

Title: Ink & Bone
Author: Skyla Madi

This is book five in the New York Crime Kings series, see the other reviews here:

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2- Sin & Secrets Review
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Well wow … I’m not really sure what to say to that one!

I love this series, it sucked me in at book one and hasnt let me go yet. I love it all, the plot, the characters, everything it’s fab.

Emily just continues to amaze me. She’s gone from this shy, frightened, mousey girl  (let’s be fair we’ve all been that girl at some point) to this strong willed, independent woman; from kitten to lion. We come back to her observance in this book which is nice. In the earliest book she almost admired the tattoos skull has, seeing the beauty in the artwork and the time and changes he had to go through to make himself this man and here we see snippets of this and the man underneath.

I think it’s fair to say that Skull is deranged, he’s a great bay guy! In this book we see more of the man underneath, how an everyday person can go from that to this insanity and really bringing us into his world. We all have to own our own behaviour and make peace with life when it doesn’t go our way, if this isn’t a reminder that bad things can happen to good people then I’m not sure what is.

I would love to see more of Damien going forward. Skull is cool but I really enjoyed the snippets here.

Well Jai’s mission is complete … he got his brother, except that he needed to save his other half… but in doing that they lost Emily. Poor guy has got life hard atm 😦



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