Wrath Review

Title: Wrath 

Author: Penelope Marshall 

This is a standalone novel.

I absolutely flew through this book and read it in one day! Another great read from Penelope Marshall. 

I love the writing style and how she sucks you right into the action. There’s plenty of action and a fabulous ending, as one would expect nothing is as it seems 🙂

Unfortunately the story isn’t for me as I don’t like cheating. There is great explanation through their thought processes and emotional turmoil, the writing is great. A great book but not for me.


For years I was a good wife, watching my husband, Christian, the mob boss for the Cerisi crime family, sleep with every woman in sight. 

But all that changed after an impromptu girl’s trip to Chicago which led me to a passionate one-night-stand with a handsome, blue-eyed, stranger who was everything Christian was not. 

Unfortunately, he wouldn’t be a stranger for very long.

All I wanted was to put that night behind me.

All he wanted was to relive it…


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