Smoke & Metal Review

Title: Smoke & Metal
Author: Skyla Madi
Published by Limitless Publishing, second edition, May 2016

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This is book 3 in the New York Crime Kings book series, previously released as Damaged; Book 3 in the Broken Series.

Another whirlwind ride with Emily and Jai! On the run, not only from their old lives but also their underground lives. How long can they last alone on the streets of New York with the biggest mob boss hot on their tails? Where can they turn for a reprieve? What will become of the search for Joel now?

I love the rawness of the emotion in this book. How uncertain of herself Emily is. Our kitten, turned lioness, has a lot of insecurities. Insecurities that are unsurprising considering her upbringing, and at such odds to the home and family Jai has grown up in, understandably she is worried about what the end result will be here. Was their ‘romance’ just born of being in the gritty underground world or will he still want her in the real world.

Even if he does, will she ever be able to let her walls down long enough to let him in and let him try? Does he want to be in and to try? What a story of love and loss. The grieving process Jai is going through; for his family, for his mission, for such a complete and utter change of direction.

This, however, is no soppy love story and is, as ever, full of action packed adventure. Another perfect little snippet of a greater story. Looking forward to the next installment!

Skyla Madi Smoke & Metal


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