Cinderella-ish Review

Title: Cinderella-ish

Author: Jocelyn Westbrook

This is a standalone book I bought ages ago and has been sat in my kindle to read for ever. So with a little break in the schedule I had a scour through my kindle and was taken by the cover. It must have sounded good otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it, and it looked light and easy to read so I figured it should be time I give it a go.

And I’m so glad I did. This is a fab light easy read. Nothing too in depth, no massive emotional trauma (for me, not the characters), just a story about falling in love in the most unlikely places.

I will be looking to see if there are any inter connecting stories!!

Lost Boy Review

Title: Lost Boy

Author: M Robinson

This book is standalone.

I dont know why I’ve waited so long to read this. There was so much angst and emotion in Road to Nowhere and Ends Here that I was worried what would happen for Noah and how his HEA would come. I should have known there was no reason to worry with M on the case!

For me, this story was a little unbalanced and I would have liked to have seen more of Noah. While we have seen plenty of him in and around in previous books it would have been nice to have seen some of those things from his perspective.

There is so much that has shaped Noah, so much more than just her leaving, and it felt like everything he has gone through has been put to one side. Now, dont get me wrong, there is so much emotional baggage from both of them this must have been a really difficult book to level out and find story within the heartbreak.

I don’t know, I didn’t particularly like our heroine either πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈthe ending was perfect and all tied in beautifully but the story didn’t quite hit the mark for me.

Fear Us Review

Title: Fesr Us

Author: BB Reid

This is the third in the Broken Love series. You need to read Fear Me and Fear You before starting this book.

Now, I’ve read Fear Me and Fear You before. But have recently done a re-read of Fear Me for the Romance Readers Book Box UK. Once again I was absolutely sucked in to this amazing world and read the first two books in a breath.

But I stopped at that last time. The heartbreak and the intensity that is Kieran had taken its toll and I couldn’t commit to any more of the series. But this time, I was prepared, I knew what was coming, I knew most of the pieces of my heart would be put back together.

So I headed through in to Fear Us, not prepared for Keenan. Not prepared at all. It was just as raw and brutal as the first two books. The happy go lucky boy I knew and loved is gone, replaced by a bitter resentful spiteful man.

Sheldon was, wow, she was great. I loved being able to see things from her perspective, he isn’t *just* the bad guy and seeing the irredeemable explained was amazing.

This book does not answer all the questions πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ there are loads of things left out ready for the next story. I hope to see what’s going on with Dash or Q or so many of the secondary characters. They’re almost as important as our main ones now, they’re well bedded in and I can’t wait to see who comes next!

Dance or Die Review

Title: Dance or Die

Author: AE Murphy

Fantastic, loved it. A gripping page turner that I struggled to put down, darn you life and the things we must do.

I loved the story line, the characters were amazing and the chemistry was off the charts! If you’re looking for something a little different, a little dark, a little edgy, then this is the book for you!

Love You Now Review

Title: Love You Now

Author: M. Robinson

This is the second of a duet and you need to read Hated You Then first as this book follows straight on.

I dont know if there has just been a too big a gap between the books, maybe I needed a re read before I started but it didn’t have quite the same draw as Pierced Hearts.

It’s hard not to compare the two duets, not just because they link from one to the other but also because they are so similar in style. For me, Jackson and Harleys tale, in book one, took a back seat to Jackson and what went on in Pierced Hearts.

This book, however, was much more *their* story. It was great to see some more of Harley in this story and there are some fantastic moments from her! The bike thing, totally the Harley Jameson I have pictured in my minds eye. Very Creed and Mia. There are some amazing highs in this books, but as to be expected there are some definite lows too.

I found myself desperate to shout “just talk to him”, “open your mouth and tell her how you feel” repeatedly throughout this book. And the back and forth with timelines was quite confusing.

Luke and Creed were fantastic though, it was lovely to see that some things never change and the next generation are carrying on his legacy. How this plays out is one of very few ways that I can see Creed ever accepting a guy in his baby girls life.

So the crux of it for me is that I liked it

Rich Riot Review

Title: Rich Riot

Author: Max Henry

This is the third in the Arcadia high series, you need to read Good Girl and Bad Boys before reading this one as the story continues straight on.

I love how fluid this story is, how easily we can interchange from Riverbourne to Arcadia and the groups of people within.

Colt really comes in to his own in this story and it is fantastic to see a little more of Greer and some of the other secondary characters. But woah what on earth is going on and how long do I have to wait for the epic conclusion?

So many different things going on, not just in the two schools with their heriarchys, but also with the parents and then the theres Tuck and the other evolving relationships.

To me, this felt like a consolidation book. We are now firm in what happened at Riverbourne, what happened at Arcadia and where everyone stands. That is not to say that everything is wrapped up here. There are still lots of things we dont know and the conclusion is far from obvious.

This was another great installation in the series. The I love the characters and how they’re evolving and changing. Colt is back in favour and I can’t wait to see what hes got up his sleeve! Lacey is on the back foot, who will stand with her? What will happen?

In Peace Lies Havoc Review

Title: In Peace Lies Havoc

Author: Amo Jones

This is a standalone book.

Another great dark romantic suspense story from Amo Jones. Get ready to be dragged into the exciting world of Midnight Mayhem. Exciting, confusing, sexy as hell, this show has it all!

I love how she creates these worlds and the characters in them. As ever, we have some dark and mysterious super sexy bad boys attempting to run the world. And some unsuspecting confused girl whose being spun in the web, trying to catch and collate all the pieces together. Or maybe that’s just us as we go through the story haha

Dove is a hot mess. Every time I think shes getting it together something else comes along and throws it all off course. She takes everything in her stride, shes so internally strong, shes fantastic!

I love the Brothers! I think Killian is my favourite which feels a little unfair on King, our hero, but then it is what it is. King is dark and brooding, mysterious and dangerous. Everything you would expect from an Amo Jones hero/non-hero but I like the extra sparkle that comes with Kill.

Loved it 😍