Lost Boy Review

Title: Lost Boy

Author: M Robinson

This book is standalone.

I dont know why I’ve waited so long to read this. There was so much angst and emotion in Road to Nowhere and Ends Here that I was worried what would happen for Noah and how his HEA would come. I should have known there was no reason to worry with M on the case!

For me, this story was a little unbalanced and I would have liked to have seen more of Noah. While we have seen plenty of him in and around in previous books it would have been nice to have seen some of those things from his perspective.

There is so much that has shaped Noah, so much more than just her leaving, and it felt like everything he has gone through has been put to one side. Now, dont get me wrong, there is so much emotional baggage from both of them this must have been a really difficult book to level out and find story within the heartbreak.

I don’t know, I didn’t particularly like our heroine either 🤦‍♀️the ending was perfect and all tied in beautifully but the story didn’t quite hit the mark for me.


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