Fear Us Review

Title: Fesr Us

Author: BB Reid

This is the third in the Broken Love series. You need to read Fear Me and Fear You before starting this book.

Now, I’ve read Fear Me and Fear You before. But have recently done a re-read of Fear Me for the Romance Readers Book Box UK. Once again I was absolutely sucked in to this amazing world and read the first two books in a breath.

But I stopped at that last time. The heartbreak and the intensity that is Kieran had taken its toll and I couldn’t commit to any more of the series. But this time, I was prepared, I knew what was coming, I knew most of the pieces of my heart would be put back together.

So I headed through in to Fear Us, not prepared for Keenan. Not prepared at all. It was just as raw and brutal as the first two books. The happy go lucky boy I knew and loved is gone, replaced by a bitter resentful spiteful man.

Sheldon was, wow, she was great. I loved being able to see things from her perspective, he isn’t *just* the bad guy and seeing the irredeemable explained was amazing.

This book does not answer all the questions 🤦‍♀️ there are loads of things left out ready for the next story. I hope to see what’s going on with Dash or Q or so many of the secondary characters. They’re almost as important as our main ones now, they’re well bedded in and I can’t wait to see who comes next!


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