Greed Review

Title: Greed

Author: Ker Dukey & K Webster

This is the final installment of the Elite Seven series.

And what a finale it is. I had to string this book ott because I was not ready for the ride to be over! There is something poetic about Ker writing the first book and cowriting the final one. Lust was one if my favourites of this series, and Greed is just as well written.

A fantastic ending for the group, a wonderful way of filling in the gaps and rounding everything out while remaining a story in its own right.

I thought Sabella was fantastic, her grit, strength and determination tempered by Micahs relaxed, coordinated approach. I really liked his reconciliation with the group and once again Sloth is not being very Slothful lol

I thought it was fantastic. 4 and a half fab stars from me 🙂


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